Siem Reap Suitcase Sale

Wanderlust owner Elizabeth Keister invites buyers and sellers to Siem Reap’s first suitcase sale.


Primus motor Eliaabeth Keister hopes to liven up Siem Reap and create some fun for Siem Reap residents and tourists alike with this Siem Reap Suitcase Sale where people have the chance to clean out their wardrobes and replace it with something new.

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  • Jo Says:

    HOPE Cambodia (Harnessing Opportunities through Play and Education) will be there in full support. To promote some of the projects we support and also selling some of the handicrafts that are made by the projects such as, for example, silk products from the Silk Lab and hand-woven baskets from Sangkheum Center for Children.

    For more info on HOPE please visit

    See you Sunday ;-)

  • Jo Says:

    We at HOPE are always up for a bit of fun and when Elizabeth said she wanted to liven up this town and have some fun we couldn’t but help join in! So on Saturday afternoon I popped over to Sangkheum Center for Children to collect some handmade woven baskets, wristbands, silk lab products and volunteer t-shirts exclaiming ‘I bring hope to young generation’ (they missed the ‘A’ out! Quite ironic that the assistant English language teachers wear them!!), and packed my old suitcase full of goodies to sell on behalf of Sangkheum Center for Children.

    The afternoon didn’t bring in too many sales but everyone had fun and raised HOPE and Sangkheum’s awareness in town! The highlight of the weekend was arriving at the Sangkheum Center on Saturday afternoon just as the kids were handing out Valentine cards. Claire, the activity coordinator volunteer had spent the week helping kids create cards with paper cuttings and glitter – real Blue Peter style! To top it off she had made a beautiful post box for children to discreetly post cards to their secret Valentines! Even I received one!! But I don’t know who it was from??

    To find out more information about HOPE and their work in Siem Reap please visit

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