Superior hospitality and community engagement

Beside the spacious, elegantly decorated rooms, restaurant with local and international delicacies, rooftop bar, sundeck with an open-sky Jacuzzi, fitness room, spa with a tantalizing treatment menu, and best of all, truly welcoming and hospitable local staff, Soria Moria Boutique Hotel is one of the best ambassadors of sustainable tourism development in Siem Reap and Cambodia.


Silk decorations are custom made by the Silk Lab

The management at Soria Moria is aware of the economic imbalance in Cambodia between wealthy and poor and is committed to being a profitable business with a strong sense of community engagement. “We contribute to economic development by actively supporting and encouraging the interaction of guests and the neighbouring environment, and by implementing this approach, we would like to create a win-win-win situation for all parties involved,” says managing director, Kristin Hansen. Win-win-win here means that tourists, local communities and the business itself are all winners.

Soria Moria has successfully established a number of community-oriented projects and aims to involve its guests in the process. It has mainly contributed to the economy by helping people and organisations to become sustainable, by providing workplaces following higher standards and by supporting already-existing community projects in becoming profitable and self-sustaining through purchasing their products and services, as well as assisting these organisations with their marketing, promotion and structure.

For their efforts Soria Moria has been awarded Heritage Friendly GOLD status.

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