Responsible Travel Tips

Respect local rules and values. Try to learn some of the local language and read about the religion and culture. This will improve your travelling experience.

Respect cultural differences

Travellers who respect cultural differences and manage to keep calm, cheerful and friendly tend to gain more respect and get more out of their travels.

Donations, gifts and begging

A difficult issue for many travellers who want to assist the local communities but are unaware of the larger implications. There are many ways in which you can have a positive input into the communities that you visit, and it is worth thinking twice before giving to begging children, as it reinforces that begging is an acceptable way to make a living for these children.

Being a responsible traveller doesn’t finish when your trip does…

When you return home we’d like you to think about how you can give something back to the country you visited. You’ve just spent quite a bit of money on giving yourself a great time by experiencing another culture and meeting the people. Your spending has certainly helped the local economy, and now there are other things that can be done to help some other countries on an ongoing basis. After your trip, you will probably be more aware of the environmental, social, political and cultural problems that some local communities face. There are various agencies and groups trying to address these issues, aiming to assist developing countries maintain their cultural identity, develop sustainable resources and improve social justice situations. All of them require resources.

Money is not the only way you can assist and simply providing your time and skills might be just as valuable and useful.

Keep travelling light and responsibly…!!!

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