Oct 30 2008

Mekong Discovery Trail

For travellers wanting to get ‘off the beaten tracks’, the Mekong Discovery trails offers a great opportunity to explore river life in the North-eastern parts of Cambodia – including mountain-bike tours, home and pagoda stays, birdwatching, cultural performances, island hopping, boat tours, horse-cart rides and more.

The Mekong Discovery Trail is a network of safe, ecotourism journeys through some of the most natural and least populated parts of the Mekong region and will take you into the heart of the Mekong where the beauty of the river and the friendliness of the people create unforgettable river life experiences

The free trail guide provides maps, transport and accommodation options. You can travel on a small part of the trail, or all of it. You can travel alone or with a group. There are many options along the 180 km trail, which runs between Kratie and the Cambodian/Laos border. But remember to allow enough time to go with the flow of river life.

Along the trail, you will have the opportunity to see critically endangered Mekong River Dolphins, while minimising your impact on them and the habitats they rely on.

By using the Trail, you will also be assisting river communities, some of the poorest (but most welcoming) in Cambodia.

Oct 1 2008

Challenge your assumptions about vegetarian cuisine

With an abundance of exotic fresh fruits and vegetables widely available at local markets, there are a few inviting vegetarian dining options in Siem Reap.

Located just off Siem Reap’s Old Market in the Pub Street Alley, Chamkar Vegetarian Restaurant offers gourmet vegetarian cuisine in a cosy setting. The name ‘Chamkar’ translate to field or garden (of vegetables), and with an array of dishes made by fresh local vegetables, it is a healthy and slightly different take on traditional Cambodian cuisine.

Singing Tree Cafe has a range of vegetarian dishes and doubles as a community center where a well of information about volunteering opportunities and community projects are available.

Indian restaurants such as Maharajah, Little India, Curry Walla, East India also offer affordable vegetarian dishes.